Renee Easley

Renee Easley


Offered Services

  • Hair

Featured Services

- Curly Cut Introduction/home care education, Curl Color, Precision Cut, Round-brush and style


Renée is a native New Yorker and second-generation hair professional with thirty-plus years of beauty industry experience.


Her resume includes:

Working as a National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems

Several advanced certifications in textured hair

Producer/consultant for Kinky Conversations

Creative director for a boutique beauty-focused PR firm

Lead hair stylist for OTC beauty brand campaigns

Beauty industry radio host

and salon entrepreneur.


Hair is her passion!


Renee believes a hairstylist should have no fear when it comes to the multifaceted nature of hair.


"I am an artist; texture fear isn't in my creativity! I am dedicated to my mission to embrace, know, understand, and create on the boundless fabrics of hair. There are no boundaries in hair texture, and if hair has no bounds, why should I?"

Renee's journey in the hair industry has allowed her to have an immersive experience in several key areas of corporate beauty, beauty education, beauty-focused photography/film, and salon ownership. However, her favorite place is behind the chair, where she can create, engage, and educate the client.

"I believe all clients should have a thorough education on how to take care of their hair at home. Proper hair products are essential to hair/scalp health, growth goals, and style maintenance. What's the point of getting your hair done if you cannot recreate the style at home? My clients are my walking, talking billboards, and I want to ensure that every day is an awesome hair day!"