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Salon Studios provides beauty professionals with the freedom and flexibility of their own private studio. At Salon Studios we have taken the salon suites concept to the next level, creating an upscale environment without the upscale price. Each salon professional has their own separate salon suite, with a locking entrance and everything they need to run their own salon business.



our mission

The Salon Studios mission is to bring together the most talented beauty professionals as entrepreneurial business owners to deliver the most luxurious experience in the salon and spa industry.

Our philosophy is simple, yet rare in today’s society – Salon Studios is a place where every person that walks through the door is treated with the same upscale five star experience combined with the uniquely diverse and personally owned salon businesses. Here clients are encouraged to leave the hectic to-dos of daily life and for a short time simply enjoy a five star experience provided by friends that are the most gifted artists in the beauty industry. We believe that a day at the salon is not just about getting a great hairstyle, massage or manicure, but more about a love for people and we strive to show that love in the way we run our business and in helping guide our artists to do the same.

Salon Studios is passionate about helping salon owners fulfill their dreams, excel in their career and achieve their personal and financial goals without the heavy up-front costs and complexities of owning their own location. Here our goal is to promote the success of talented artists in our Salon Studios community who are personally vested in the success of their own business.


We are a full service Beauty Mall, complete with hair, skin, nail professionals and more to make your pampering simpler by being all in one place!

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